About Scotwork

The world of 1975 was very different. Back then, negotiation was barely understood and rarely studied. As one of our founders recalls: “My employer gave me no guidance or training on how to negotiate. I had to learn by trial and error.”


Changing times demanded a fresh approach, so Scotwork’s pioneers had a ground-breaking idea. They analysed thousands of hours of negotiation, revealed common behaviours and distilled their findings into a universal eight-step framework. This was the seed of the Scotwork negotiation course that went on to train over hundreds of thousands of people.


45 years later, we have grown into world-class negotiation specialists, with offices in 48 countries delivering negotiating consultancy and training in 29 languages.

Our values:


By inspiring people and businesses, we give them the control and confidence to become great negotiators


Our practical culture and methods build transferrable, ready-to-use skills that make a real difference


Everything we do is geared to making our clients more profitable, competitive and successful


Our data-driven insights and unrivalled expertise give us the confidence to transform any organisation

Our vision:

To transform the way the world negotiates

Our mission:

To give our clients the most compelling negotiation training, advice and coaching

Why Work with Scotwork

Here’s why so many businesses choose our negotiation training and advisory services:


We mix wide global reach with rich local knowledge to create greater engagement and application


We deliver the process, skill and confidence to keep you in control


Rigorous focus throughout your journey (before, during and after)


Focussed on embedding lasting change


Measuring and delivering industry-leading ROI since 1989


Choice of 29:


English, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Polish, Arabic, French, Malay, Romanian, Mandarin, Lithuanian, Bahasa Indonesia, Hungarian, Finnish, Korean, Bulgarian, Italian, Cantonese, German, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Thai

Satisfied customers 

98% improved performance           


66% more in control           


70% greater confidence


98% managers praised investment

Leading negotiation skills development and consultancy since 1975

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