Consolidation Workshop

Why the world’s most effective negotiators invest time in embedding their skills


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Why the world’s most effective negotiators invest time in embedding their skills





Participants complete the e-Consolidation module in line with their PDP.

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Participants surface difficulties putting the skills into practice and get expert advice from tutors.

Participants share the qualitative and quantitative outcomes of their negotiations in the preceding period




Participants learn & practice using tools and techniques that help them to create trading variables

They will learn a comparative valuation model for qualitative variables and a strategic approach to the exploitation of trading variables.




A Scotwork multi–lateral “Case Play” or client “live Deal Review” designed to enable practice of the morning’s learning, reveal new learning opportunities and embed the skills in a real-world context.




Participants review and update their PDP based on their learning from the workshop




* There is an option to deploy alternative modules based on development need. The module utilised for the open course variant is “Prepare, prepare, prepare”.



The fundamental difference between what we learn in the classroom and what we do in the real world is pressure.


Anyone professionally involved in a skills-based discipline; athletes, musicians, actors understand this and plan for it. Sir Clive Woodward the World Cup winning England Rugby Union coach coined the term T-CUP. Thinking Clearly Under Pressure.


Effective negotiators, those in control of the process, can intuitively deliver skill when under pressure. Control comes from confidence, which in turn comes from practice. Skills are embedded to such a degree that even under the most intense pressure the skills are delivered.


The purpose of this one-day workshop is to give participants another chance to practice the skills learnt and, critically, applying them in the real world.


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