L'eBook "The Real Deal"

Negli gli ultimi 40 anni Scotwork ha studiato un metodo con cui orientarci attraverso questi conflitti inevitabili, l'arte e l'abilità della negoziazione. La negoziazione può aiutare ad oliare le ruote della vita, riconoscendo queste differenze e trovare un percorso attraverso il quale possiamo ottenere di più di quello che vogliamo.

For the last 3 years we have been blogging our musings on the issues of the day, the ones that have captured our imaginations and the ones that we feel could benefit from that art of negotiation. If you like we have taken real situations and thought through the options that may make a deal possible, or even just more likely. We have put these situations under the negotiators microscope.

They are accessible to all, but make more sense to the trained mind. Talk to us if you would like to become more aware of and better at doing this stuff yourself.


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Il Valore dell'Inganno

Mrs May is wandering around Europe attempting to find a remedy to the ‘Back-stop’ impasse in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. She is telling everyone that there are new ideas she will be putting on the table and that she is sure a solution will be found. Few believe her...

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